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Zipping you back onto the trails!


When it is cold out your gear needs to work.

There are days when zippers need to stay zipped.

At Algonquin Sewing Design Studio it gives us great pleasure to be able to provide expert zipper repairs and get our clients back outside.

Some of our favourite zipper services have been for panicked snowmobilers who have blown out the zipper of their favourite riding suit. Modern snowmobile suits are technical wonders, often built in floater/survival suits with inflated floater bags that need special attention.

Just this past week we saved a father and son’s trip up north sledding by performing an emergency zipper transplant on dad’s coat. When the temperature is -25ºC, a day on the trails with a coat that will not do up is not an option. It’s a point of pride we were able to have father and son back on their sleds, back with their friends, in less than an hour.

We only use metal YKK zippers in the repairs. Service isn’t usually the same day but the Studio boasts a quick turnaround on zipper repairs, especially if it is just a hardware issue. Did you know sometimes we can just replace the pull?!

The Studio also offers cuff hemming that maintains the integrity of your Storm Cuff, adjust collars and throat guards and complete repairs of all kinds.

It is too beautiful in our winter wonderland to stay inside.

Expert repairs at Algonquin Sewing Design Studio will keep you zipping this winter.

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