Bespoke Bags from Algonquin Sewing Design StudioOne-Of-A-Kind Handbag Designs

Algonquin Sewing Design Studio is passionate about bespoke bags, commissioned accessories, custom totes, and one-of-a-kind handbags.

These projects always bring out our favourite challenges: working with the rich textures of leather and steel, and building structure for design and function.

Every project is designed for the client’s specific needs. The Studio curates the finest natural materials including cowhide, cashmere, deer and moose tannings, even all natural buffalo leather, to provide strength and luxury.

Have a special material request? Please ask us! We pride ourselves on resourcefulness.


Bespoke Bags: Custom Garment Totes

Protect your valuable wardrobe while travelling with one of our bespoke hanging garment totes, custom fit to your clothing.

Match Accessories to Your Outfit

We can also help you perfectly match your coat, skirt, or scarf by designing your purse to match.

Algonquin Sewing Design Studio can put your vision into your hands with bespoke bags designed by Suzanne. Contact us today to get started.