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Warm Thought #1: Change how you swimsuit shop

Change how you swimsuit shop.

At Algonquin Sewing Design Studio we’re changing how women think about their next swimsuit.

Instead of the awkward lighting of a store crowded with swimsuits in even more awkward sizings, our clients start by telling us what they want.

Choosing from dozens of top quality materials, clients find the colours and patterns they want before going into a draping/design session.

Principal Designer Suzanne Learn works the fabric with clients until they both can see a vision to take from the mirror to the drawing board. Every consultation/design session ends with a fashion drawing of the suit with matching swatches of fabric.

The design phase includes important questions about what the client needs the suit to do, the support required and a clear understanding of straps and fasteners. Are you looking for a hidden support bra? We design it right into the swimsuit from the beginning.

The first fitting is scheduled during the consult to make sure everyone knows the timeline and expectations.

First fittings are usually quick affairs, with the suit being fitted for proper length, elastic tightness, height of the waistband and other adjustments to be considered. A final fitting could be the next step or if a full support bra is needed there may be one extra fitting to adjust the suit around the structure of the custom-made bra.

Final fittings are sometimes a few extra moments for last adjustments of straps and leg elastics, but the result is the same every time – the swimsuit you want, made just for you. 

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