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Warm Thought #2: Come back to the water, it’s fine

Come back to the water, it’s fine. Just think warm thoughts with Algonquin Sewing Design Studio and we’ll have you back in the water enjoying those golden sunshine moments with new and old friends, children and grandchildren.

We have some big moments in the Studio,

Some of our biggest come helping women take back a big part of their life and giving them the swimsuit and confidence to get back into the water.

From teenagers to great grandmothers, we have worked with ladies who lost confidence in their “beach” selves and gave up on swimsuits, gave up on swimming. That is until they took the plunge into a custom-made swimsuit from Algonquin Sewing Design Studio.

These are some of the most touching conversations we have. So many women start talking/thinking of swimsuits as something to hide what they don’t like. Swimsuits from Algonquin Sewing Design Studio are always about what will make our client look their best.

Principal Designer Suzanne Learn knows her clients confidence is the most important attribute of these suits and designs them accordingly. Who says a tankini can’t have sleeves?

Circumstances can also dictate a special design. The Studio has created special swimsuits to accommodate colostomy bags, breast cancer scarring, or just having an extra long torso or breasts of different sizes.

Maternity swimwear? Yes, we’ve custom-made those, too.

But usually, our swimsuits win where off-the-rack just can’t is women just being women. Sometimes a small proportion up top comes with a big proportion lower down, or the opposite. We don’t just fit different body shapes but design properly for them, from the beginning.

Come back to the water with Algonquin Sewing Design Studio.

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