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Warm Thought #3: Summer is Funner in your bikini!

Summer is funner in your bikini!

Oh let’s face it. After the snow and the cold, the wind and a double dose of it all over again, darkened morning after darkened morning, we can’t wait to take our clothes off again.

Have no fear, bikini weather will again be here.

Life is better in a bikini. These versatile swimsuits give more freedom, more options for our summer plans with the convenience of a two-piece.

Make your bikini a custom-made number from Algonquin Sewing Design Studio and better living comes in the material, design, cut, support and coverage you want.

“Bikinis are when we are our most naked in public, ever,” says Principal Designer Suzanne Learn. “As a garment it is really about two or three tiny pieces of fabric, but they need so much attention. I love it.”

Bikini conversations at Algonquin Sewing Design Studio become fun quickly as you pick the material and cut with dozens of vintage patterns for ‘fresh’ looks.

The Studio specializes in custom-made bikini top bras, with a full size range of cups, underwires, fasteners, strapping and even boning. Our swim bras provide the support you are looking for, built right into the swimwear you designed.

The Studio is always bringing in new patterns and top end Lycras from Montreal with a full spectrum of colours available in chlorine-proof Lycra.

Brighten your bikini days up with your own custom-made design from Algonquin Sewing Design Studio, made just for you.

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