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Introducing the Hem Tracker

Algonquin Sewing Design Studio – Hem Tracker is the deal that fits!

Do you like deals? Do you like free?

Here’s a deal guaranteed to fit!

Algonquin Sewing Design Studio introduces it’s brand new Hem Tracker program. Pants, skirt and dress hems are as easy as one, two, three, four and the next is free.

And we keep track for you. You put your name on your card and it will be waiting for your next visit back for an expertly placed and stitched pant, skirt or dress hem.

The Hem Tracker program along with the convenience of being open until 6 pm on Fridays, makes keeping your wardrobe up to date easy. That deal you score in the store is no deal if it sits at the bottom of your drawer.

From our convenient location at 100 Main Street in Sundridge, get the Hem Tracker working you into those great new pants you found. The best part is the expert service with professional fitting.

You won’t find a better fitting deal!

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