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How we met Linda & Scarlet

We love when sewing dreams come true.

It’s what we do at Algonquin Sewing Design Studio.

Which is how we met Linda, who dreamed of being Scarlet. Linda came into the Studio this past winter with a picture on her phone and a strong desire to build her own custom-made coat for an upcoming comic convention where fans become the characters they watch on their big screens.

Scarlet is featured in the latest Avenger-series movies and stands out with her scarlet, of course, fitted, cut-away trench coat with the power to make anyone wearing it look 110% tougher.

Algonquin Sewing Design Studio’s Principal Designer Suzanne Learn was intrigued by the project and agreed to take it on through private lessons. She worked with Linda right through from beginning to finish, impressed by Linda’s attention to detail.

Together they drafted a pattern just for Linda while sourcing the correct vinyl material from a number of swatches to find the perfect shade and weight to match the super hero style. The commitment to fit and function included a muslin build and alteration using plain fabric to perfect the fit before cutting the vinyl.

From there it became a true construction project, first putting together the foundation structure of the garment, in the shoulders and building out from there. Here, Linda’s patience and commitment paid off in the leather patchwork, seams and lining up padding around the elbows and shoulder. The collar was unique and striking and a lot of work went into getting it just right.

“This girl’s amazing math skills let her do this,” said Miss Suzanne.

The costume even included a custom-made vest in a corset design for a truly fitted finish. Linda made her own gloves, too.

The final product was something else, a truly eye-catching piece with no shortcuts taken to maintain the authenticity of the Marvel concept. Linda says she was thrilled with the response in Toronto amongst the comic aficionados who put a premium on the exactness of their tribute/replica costumes.

“I felt pretty good. I knew it looked good and I was receiving a lot of compliments,” said Linda who hopes to wear to other events.

Linda says she spent 14 full days working on the Scarlet coat starting in January, including a big push just before she left for the bright lights of the big city that any seamstress worth her thread would be proud of.

“I learned a lot about new sewing techniques and how to use patterns… We got along really well.”

Photos by Ashley Dart

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