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Bespoke masks in silk, lace and poplin

French lace in a unique eye-catching design

Putting your best face forward can be a challenge at the best of times, though it is a whole lot easier with Algonquin Sewing Design Studio’s new line of bespoke, couture masks.

“This Spring we all need a change to lift our spirits and I’m tackling the face mask blahs head on,” said Algonquin Studio designer Suzanne Learn.

This French lace choice is a more subtle look.

Using tested patterns in two and three layer versions, the couture masks bring your pandemic game up a few notches.

“The Studio has an incredible curated selection of silks, laces and overlays and putting them to use in these new face masks gives them even more purpose than the dresses, skirts and blouses I hand picked them for,” said Learn.

Poplin, a stiff cotton weave, with some embroidery details.

Her collection includes a Dolce and Gabbana silk print, French and Italian laces, along with embroidered floral details to break up the monotony of yet another cotton mask.

“Face masks have become everyday wear and just like we take great care in making sure a blouse compliments our outfit and style, face masks need to come to the party.”

Black and blue come together wonderfully on this lace overlay.

Every face mask from The Studio comes with a great fit that securely hugs the bridge of the nose while securing itself somewhat snugly under the chin to resist mid-conversation slippage. Each mask uses a structured material that prevent the coverings from being sucked into the face, restricting breathing. The Studio’s ‘Comfort Ears’ use a soft Lycra material to grip behind the ears without digging or pulling like regular elastic cording.

Silk prints bring masks to a new level of comfort and chic.

“Masks are only good if they are worn so they must be comfortable.”

Bespoke masks are available in a number of styles at The Studio in dark and light patterns selected to shine in the warm weather.

“We love helping people look their best and with these newly designed bespoke masks you will feel that it is mission accomplished.”

Bespoke designer couture masks are available at The Studio starting from $15 each.

French lace from the front.

A shimmering metallic finish add glamour anywhere it goes.

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